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LASIK is a laser eye surgery that can permanently reshape the cornea of your eye to correct your vision. This eMedTV page discusses various eye conditions that the surgery can fix and offers details on the expected results and possible complications.
Cataracts are diagnosed when the lens in the eye becomes cloudy. This eMedTV article offers an in-depth look at cataracts, including information about various types, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment options for the condition.
Cataract Surgery
If you have a cataract, surgery may be recommended to remove it. This eMedTV resource explains how this type of surgery is used to treat cataracts and discusses what to expect before, during, and after the procedure.
Blepharitis is a common eye condition often caused by scalp dandruff or bacterial infection. This eMedTV article explains that it is characterized by inflammation of the eyelid and also discusses treatment, how it is diagnosed, and the prognosis.
Detached Retina
When the retina becomes pulled or lifted from its usual place in the eye, it is called a detached retina. This eMedTV resource offers an in-depth look at the causes, symptoms, and treatment options for this serious medical condition.
LASIK Eye Surgery
In LASIK eye surgery, a laser technique is used to reshape the cornea of your eye to help correct vision. This eMedTV article explains the steps involved in this surgery, the intended goals, and expected results of the procedure.
Vitamin A
Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin necessary for a healthy immune system and good vision. This eMedTV resource explores other benefits of this vitamin, lists some of its potential side effects, and explains when supplementation is necessary.
Macular Hole
A macular hole is a tear in the macula (the part of the retina that facilitates sharp, central vision). As this eMedTV page explains, the condition is often related to aging. This page takes an in-depth look at symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment.
A vitrectomy is a medical procedure where blood is removed from the center of the eye. This page on the eMedTV Web site takes an in-depth look at this procedure and explains why it is often used to treat proliferative retinopathy.
Lutein is a type of naturally occurring pigment that may help treat or prevent eye disorders. This eMedTV Web resource discusses the claimed benefits of lutein supplements, explains how they may work, and explores their safety and effectiveness.
Restasis is a medicine prescribed to increase tear production in people with chronic dry eyes. This eMedTV resource offers an overview of this eye drop, including details on how it works, potential side effects, and dosing tips for using this medicine.
LASIK Complications
As this eMedTV page explains, while it is generally a safe procedure, there are possible problems that may occur with LASIK. Complications may include inflammation, severe infection, severe bleeding, and flap complications.
Tobradex is a prescription eye drop and ointment licensed to treat eye inflammations and infections. This eMedTV Web resource explains how this medication works, describes possible side effects, and covers some general dosing guidelines.
Detached Retina Surgery
Laser surgery, vitrectomy, and pneumopexy are all options to repair a detached retina. This page from the eMedTV archives explains each type of detached retina surgery in detail and includes information on expected results.
Macular Pucker
A macular pucker (scar tissue on the retina) often results in blurred vision. This eMedTV article provides an in-depth look at what this condition is, how it differs from other eye conditions, and how to recognize possible symptoms.
Dry Eye Relief
The information presented in this eMedTV article includes suggestions for dry eye relief in both mild and severe cases. Suggestions range from avoiding sources of irritation to artificial tears and eye ointment to surgery.
Vitamin A Deficiency
Healthy people in developed countries have a low risk of vitamin A deficiency. This article from the eMedTV library explains who is at a higher risk of developing a deficiency and describes possible symptoms of this problem.
Detached Retina Treatment
As explained in this eMedTV Web page, a detached retina can be treated with options such as laser surgery, cryopexy, and vitrectomy. This article explores these and other treatment options, including the expected results of each.
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